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My view this page, you should save a bit, and take time to read and understand. If you do not need traffic, may leave this site .... But if you really need traffic, it's good you read this article and follow the instructions slowly until done.

Now we will discuss the benefits that can be offered by this system to you. But before you go, you might wonder why you need traffic? Here's why.

  1. Trafik is one of the indicators used google and other search engines to determine how important your blog or website.
  2. Trafik also an indicator that your blog is a blog selected, so you would be far easier to achieve first page position in Google.
  3. If you are posting program pay you extremely need more than you need traffic Pagerank. If you are in the Alexa top 300.000, then you will very easily win bid (offer fresh) with advertisers. .

Ok, complicated for me to explain the advantages of this program, before I describe how arrangement. I am sure this way more easily than blogwalking every day.
Try matter how long you spend each day for blogwalking? And how many you can invite every time you blogwalking? I also blogwalking, and it will be possible only daily activities to maintain the position alexa rank you ....

In this system there are some actions you should do. Do it without closing this page.

  • Go to a page
  • Search and scroll to the bottom of this webpage until you find looks like this (7 photos thumbnails)

  • Right-click on each photo thumbnails and Select the option to open in new tab (open in a new tab). Up to 7 open a new tab
  • In the window of each tab will have the blue bar with the words "AD CODE GENERATION .... please wait". Wait until the code number appears.

    Put the code numbers that you find appropriate thread on the spaces under a thumbnail (in red circles)

    Enter your data in the form (in the red box) below and click submit. We suggest using Gmail because of experience, yahoo does not get response.

    Open the e-mail addresses you enter the formula and just looking for e-mail from The contents of e-mail will look like this ...

    • Then click the link in the red box (on your email)
    • You will enter the greeting this page

    • Record your ID and Password then click MEMBER ADMIN AREA within the red)
    • You will enter to this login page

    Enter your ID and Password and click submit. You will be taken to the next page ....
    The red is the URL within your membership that you should note. Then the blue box is that you can use to monitor the development of your system.

    Appearance is what you will use to measure the development of this system

    Now you need to promote your membership link, viral, like the other service. Make a blog like that when you are reading this. IJ blog must be new and not related to the blog you want to promote (IMPORTANT !!!). Please fill the blog with articles like this, but if you're lazy, Please Copy Paste this article.

    post the copy and paste:

    In the first stage of the above, there is a link which that is link of my membership, so please replace it with your own link .

    To Copy Paste, Highlight all the time this article (just remember this article only) and copy. All text and pictures will automatically be copied and pasted in the new entry

    Now go to your blog that you promote (your main blog) and place your link in the sidebar leading to the URL of your membership (membership in the URL of your e-mail). (IMPORTANT !!!).

    Well now I will explain the benefits of this program compared to other viral programs.

    1. This program is a program in English so you can invite bloggers to external forces.
    2. This program requires participants click the thumbnail to get the code, so be sure members will result in increasing traffic to you. Other viral programs only offer baclink and there is no guarantee the new members click on your link. This program not only offers a backlink, but also offer traffic that helps your Alexa Rank.

    How much traffic is:

    Note that there are 6 thumbnails, every time that he will sign the order placed first, and if there is a new referral sign he will come down to level 2, etc.. Think of your own we only invite 10 people (more likely), then the number of visits and backlink you are:

    In position 1: 10 link and visit

    In position 2: 100 link and visit

    In position 3: 1000 link and visit

    In position 4: 10000 link and visit

    In position 5: 100,000 link and visit

    In position 6: 1000000 link and visit

    Can you imagine if 1,000,000 people visited your blog and get backlink 1,000,000 (one-way backlink!). How alexa rank, pagerank and link popularity you? Unusually large extent! There will be no bid is rejected you. Many will ask to install ads on your blog, and that means a large amount in income. You only need to follow the instructions until the end.

    Note: The nature of this system similar business network but actually very different, because there will be no saturation term. Why? Because each time appears a new blog, you can even become a member of your own members, to register a different blog. In other words, not regulations but pyramid net gains-gains

    Can you see the figure above? Many articles are distributed viral link that says can get millions of link but they only play in the local (local).

    3. Backlink better quality. Why?

    What you noticed above you are requested to make a backlink from your main blog page URL to your membership. This is intended to help search engines index your membership this page. 1 link to exit the URL to your membership, you get 1,000,000 potential that one way backlink backlink.

    What are you harming others (stealing Pagerank others). Of course not! Backlink URL you will come from the membership and not from the main blog URL is.

    How much value from your membership to Backlink? PR Despite his very small, but because the link is Only 7 seed, the PR value offered better PR than that obtained from a PR2 blog with a link 150 in 1 home (Participants link exchange).

    What do you know that not many articles MLM backlink benefit you? Why?

    1.Artikel is written repeatedly and you should post them on your main blog. It will not be a good article written repeatedly (plagiat) in your blog.
    2.Link installed in your article would not be indexed by Google. Means not necessarily so backlink, and very difficult to bring in traffic. (which rarely click)
    3.Artikel MLM backlink not necessarily Likewise with the theme of your blog, so can interfere with your current keywords still occupies your homepage.
    4.Sistem this gives you tools you can use to monitor progress, with different articles MLM backlink is not monitored at all.

    If you really need traffic and backlink, then according to my personal, this way you can help. To promote good living with a minimum of 10 people. If you really want to do all this procedure, it will take about 1 hour, 10 minutes consisting of registration, 20 minutes to make campaign blog, and 30 minutes to promote it to your friends. Let them decide what they need Traffic and Backlink this. But if you read up on this time, there is no doubt you DO NEED TRAFFIC AND BackLink.

    Thank you for your willing to read this article.

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